Academic Support

The Saint Philip School Academic Support Program’s purpose is to collaborate and support classroom teachers with the creation and/or implementation of accommodations for their students within the general classroom environment and grade level curriculum.

We acknowledge that students learn at different rates and have different learning styles, and feel strongly that all students are to be educated alongside their school aged peers in an inclusive classroom setting to the greatest extent possible.  

The goal of the program is to provide team-based supports that will meet individual educational needs and allow for school success within the context of the classroom curriculum.

Our Academic Support Team (AST) consists of a team of teachers who have experience in both regular and special education.  In conjunction with the child’s classroom teacher, the team meets regularly to determine appropriate interventions to aid in student success. 

If a student still faces challenges after interventions have been utilized for a period of time, the team then offers guidance to families in exploring the appropriateness and availability of state and city/town academic testing and resources. 

Our Academic Support Team Chairperson and school administration will assist any parents who have  academic concerns through the Academic Support process.

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