Early Childhood 3+

The Saint Philip School Early Learners Program is comprised of 3 areas of educational development.

  • Little Cardinals (starting at age 3)
  • Pre-Kindergarten (starting at age 4)
  • Kindergarten (starting at age 5)

Little Cardinals

Little Cardinals at Saint Philip School is a nurturing and structured environment for our three year old students to begin their school experience. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of teacher and self-guided activities in the areas of math, science, literacy, writing, and art. 

Our curriculum is play focused and standards based to engage our youngest learners, to ensure development and growth in the areas of social/emotional skills, language, and fine motor skills.  Students will also further develop their independent skills to ensure a smooth transition into Pre-Kindergarten. 

Our Little Cardinals curriculum also includes an introduction to Spanish, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Library.  Little Cardinals is a half or full day program for two, three, or five days per week.


Pre‐Kindergarten at Saint Philip School is a place to help children transition smoothly from a home, daycare, or half day preschool setting to a full day school setting as they prepare for Kindergarten.

Our theme/play based curriculum includes learning the basic concepts of the Catholic faith, exploration through interactive read‐aloud stories, scientific observation and/or experimentation, and development of fine and gross motor skills.

Opportunities for writing, literacy, and language development as well as hands‐on investigation of beginning math concepts are provided to the children in developmentally appropriate settings.

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum also includes instruction by specialists in Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Music, and Library.


The goal of the Kindergarten Program at Saint Philip School is to encourage and enable all children to become independent learners who develop a lifelong love of learning. This is accomplished through high quality teacher interactions and play based, developmentally appropriate learning centers.

Skills are developed through exploration, problem solving, and creativity. Our curriculum attends to the whole child and includes spiritual development, social/emotional development, cognition in all content areas, physical and health development, and the creative arts.

Our staff continually assesses progress in each area, and provides reinforcement and enrichment opportunities for each child. The Kindergarten curriculum also includes instruction by specialists in Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Music, and Library.

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