We believe in an interactive, immersive, interconnected educational experience.

Technology is an integral part of the learning experience at Saint Philip School. Every classroom is equipped with a Mimio Interactive Projector and whiteboard, wireless internet access, multiple computer stations, an Elmo document camera, and portable Alpha-Smart computer labs. In addition, our Library Media Center is available to help prepare students to meet the many challenges of today’s rapidly changing world.

Interactive Whiteboards

Mimio Interactive Whiteboards are installed in every classroom at Saint Philip School. Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to communicate their lessons more effectively to students. With dual pen input capability, two students can be brainstorming on the whiteboard at once. Video, photos, graphical elements, and digital pen input help to enhance the quality of education at our school.

Google Apps for Education

Every faculty member and all students in grades two through eight are assigned a Google Apps for Education Account. These online, cloud based productivity apps will prepare our students for the future by exposing them to cloud computing, responsible internet safety practices, and online collaborative projects.

Each classroom is equipped with a Google Chromecast as well.

One to One Program

All students in grades four through eight are equipped with Touchscreen Chromebooks to aid them during classroom instruction, homework, projects, and more. One to One devices provide our students the opportunity to be more independent and responsible both in and out of the classroom.

iPads and Apple TVs

All faculty members at Saint Philip School have a school-issued iPad. Teachers can mirror the lessons within their iPads to the interactive Whiteboards for students to view, through the connection of an Apple TV in each classroom. Our iPads help teachers to expose students to educational content that was once available only in book form. Interactive educational applications are changing the way our teachers teach, and the way our students learn.

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