Specialty Classes

Saint Philip School offers a variety of robust speciality classes.


Art at Saint Philip School is offered in a supportive, caring environment where students are encouraged to discover their individual talents.

Art history, studio art, class discussions, and an emphasis on aesthetics as well as fun, help students to appreciate art and increase their creative thinking abilities.

Often art projects are cross curricular in nature and align with student learning in other subjects such as social studies and religion.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language program at Saint Philip School begins in Pre-Kindergarten and continues through Grade 8. 

It introduces our youngest students to a basic knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, and helps them over the course of the elementary curriculum to develop the ability to speak, write, and pray in Spanish.  

Through knowledge and practice, our students become well prepared for high school Spanish programs, with many of them being chosen to enter honors and accelerated Spanish courses upon admission.

Health and Fitness

The Saint Philip School Health and Physical Education program emphasizes the physical and emotional well-being of all students by exposing them to a wide variety of ways to incorporate healthy nutrition, physical activity, and other beneficial skills into their daily lives.  

Activities and lessons focus on strengthening gross and fine motor skills on all levels, mastering individual and team-building concepts, and developing problem-solving and creative thinking skills.  

Throughout this process, these programs help our students to become responsible, productive, and wholesome citizens of our world!

Library & Media Center

Saint Philip School’s Library and Media Center was designed to house the resources necessary for enhancing and enriching the academic curriculum of the school.  

An extensive collection of books, reference materials, student periodicals and DVD’s fill the shelves, and students may access information and conduct internet research at one of several centralized computer workstations.  

At Saint Philip School, our library/technology staff helps students to foster a love of reading and to develop their research and communication skills using state-of-the art technological advances in education.


The Music curriculum at Saint Philip School utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to foster an understanding of music appreciation, music theory, music composition, and music performance.  

Using a variety of mediums and instruments, students learn the art of reading and writing music, experience the music of different cultures and time periods, create their own original works, and build self-discipline, self-esteem, and creative thinking skills.  

The study of music helps our students to ‘train their brains’ using a lively, entertaining, and joy-filled approach!  


Technology classes at Saint Philip School incorporate instruction in the use of productivity tools, keyboarding skills, internet/social media education, coding skills, and more.

Students will be prepared for High School and beyond with a solid and diverse foundation of technical experience.  It is vital in today’s world to educate students, not only on how technology works, but also how to utilize technology in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner. 

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